Since 2014, we have been supporting local organizations that make our communities thrive.  

During the 2020 grant period, Landmark will award up to $250K to local schools, non-profits and governments who are responding to meet the needs of their community caused by COVID-19 and the recent fires.

Geographic Focus

Landmark COVID-19 Relief Grants are going to support schools, non-profits and local government agencies who have been impacted by COVID-19 in the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Valley.

Click on the map below to view the
boundaries of these regions:

Organizations based outside of these areas
may apply as long as proposed projects
directly and exclusively benefit these regions.


The following types of organizations are
welcome to apply.

  • Nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations
  • Local government agencies
  • Religious organizations, provided the project has a secular purpose, no religious content, and benefits the greater community without regard to religious affiliation

Grant Amount

Landmark COVID-19 Relief Grants will award a total of $250K

Grants can range from $1,000 to $50,000

Successful applicants will demonstrate:

  • History of and/or commitment to working in the Russian River Valley or Sonoma Valley  
  • Community need for the organization’s programming or services  
  • Specifics of how your organization will use the funding to directly impact the community or strengthen your organization’s ability to serve the community
  • Ability to execute your proposal
  • Tangible benefit for the community as a result of the funding 

How to Apply


Have Questions?

Feel free to email us at [email protected].